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so I got the screen pops for the "free" product and got sucked in... when I was checking out i got pissed off because there was an endless loop of more offers.

i thought I exited without completing the order. A few days later the 2 products, I agreed to purchase for shipping & handling arrived. I decided - it's under $10 so whatever.... 10 days later i got billed $89 + twice for each product.

I assumed they put me on an autoship plan; so I called to cancel. They told me the charges were for the items - that I didnt read the fine print.... something about 10 days. i spent a good hour working my way up the supervisor chain - since they wouldn't couldn't transfer me to corporate.

I finally got them to agree to only charge me 50%. They recorded me saying I wouldn't pursue any other refund or complaint. Since I am extremely busy i decided that my time was more valuable than the other remaining $89. I have to assume this product is not a worthwhile product, because the sales tactics are so egregious.

Most companies build loyal customers by being overly accommodating to their customers. Barbara Corcoran from Shark tank was hawking the product - I will NEVER buy anything she is associated with again.

Nor will i allow myself to get sucked into the predatory sales tactics of invading my personal space will I'm doing things on the internet. SHAMEFUL!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Qugenix Rx Eye Cream Free Trial.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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